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Since the 1st of January 2017, you have the possibility to subscribe as a student-independant (or student-entrepreneur). This new status allows you to earn money by doing an independant activity while studying. This status has many advantages reserved to students, like very advantegeous insurance contributions. So take your time to go over the next questions below.

FAQs :

1. Where does this status come from ?


2. How advantageous ?


3. What are the conditions ?​


4. How to get it ?

5. What about taxes ?

6. And what about family allowances ?

Where does this status come from ?

This status was created when we realized that the entrepreneurial spirit in Belgium was very low amongst young people.

Indeed, the rate of selfemployed people among young people (below 25) is far lower in Belgium than the European average. Willy Borsus (MR) who was then minister of independants and PME created this status for students below 25 years old.

In a nutshell, there are two 2 big advantages :

  • It allows you to offer services to companies et to bill these services as a freelancer. You have a gift for sales ? Expert in social media ? Know how to code ? Make videos ? The list is a lot longer but know that your services are valuable to some companies.

  • The state gives you a fiscal advantage : as long as you do not earn more than 6.648 euros/year, you will not pay any taxes or social contributions. In short, the bills you hand to companies, that money goes directly in your pocket. Believe it, far from being the case for other independants.

For more info, check out the questions regarding Tax and Social Security here-below.

How advantageous ?

  • Between 18 and 25 years old ;

  • Being a student in a école superieur or university recognized, for a minimum of 27 ECTS/year or 17h of classes/week ;

  • Show that you are participating in exams 

  • Exercise an independant activity, being your own boss

  • Having earned your bachelor or a diploma in management

What are the conditions ?

The administrative steps can be overwhelming and have have a cost because, like any other independant, you need to be registered at the state directory for entreprises and selfemployed (Banque Carrefour des Entreprises or BCE )  and at the VAT. There are two ways to get the status : via a "guichet d’entreprises" or online via Jobiz. In both cases, you will receive numerous documents to fill out signed by you and your school.

  • Through a "guichet d’entreprises" (only 9 in Belgium), you will have to pay 85,50 euros to the BCA and 72,60 euros at the VAT, total amounting to 158,10 euros.

  • If you go through Jobiz, we will do all the steps for you online et we take care of the VAT fee (thanks to our partnership with Securex). The price for that service is 30,25 euros including VAT, amounting to 115,75 euros. Interested now ? Contact us by clicking on the button below.

How to get it ?

Attention, there is an important distinction to be understood between provisional and definitive social contributions.
Below 6.648 euro of income per year, you pay no definitive social contribution. However, you will have to pay quarterly social security contributions. If you are certain that you will not exceed the threshold of 6.648 euro and that you entrust us with obtaining your status, we will help you to be exempted from paying temporary social security contributions. In this way, you will have no contribution to pay (neither definitive nor provisional).

What social security contributions should I pay?

What about taxes ?
And family allowances in this story?

If your earnings are below 7.570 euros/year, you will not pay any taxes.

Taxes are not imposed on people that earn a small amount of money and that amount of money is fixed at  7.570 euros/year.

Like for a student job, you will have to fill out a tax declaration the coming year. In your case, i twill be extremely simple : You will indicate your revenues in the « professional revenue » category, that’s it.

Your parents receive family allowances if you are legally their dependent. If your parents are worried about losing them because of your new status, you can reassure them : as long as you do not earn more than 13.296 euros/year, they will keep receiving their family allowances.